License Category

B Accompanied Driving

The candidate for a Category B licence may also opt for accompanied driving,
i.e. continue practical training by driving under the supervision of an accompanying person

After passing the theory test and successfully completing the practical instruction (12 one-hour lessons) at a driving school,
you continue your practical training by driving with a relative or close friend who,
drawing on their personal experience, assists you and gives you advice
to help develop your sense of responsibility.

The minimum age for applying to a driving school for this driving licence is:

- 17 years.

Documents required for the application for a driving licence of the category B:

  • - A medical certificate (less than 3 months old);
  • - A recent passport photograph (taken from the front) in 45 × 35 mm format;
  • - A copy of your valid ID card/passport;
  • - A copy of your driving license
    (if you are a holder of another category);
  • - A criminal record from the country you are coming from
    (only necessary if you live in Luxemburg since less than 5 years
    and if you were major that moment).

If you are not 18 years old at the time of application:

  • - The signature of a guardian is required;
  • - A copy of his or her identity document.

Several additional documents must be submitted
when applying to become an accompanying driver:

  • - A certificate for an insurance policy mentioning:
    your name, that of the accompanying driver and
    the data of the vehicle used for accompanied driving
  • - A photocopy of a valid identity document;
  • - A photocopy of the driving licence;

Accompanying driver(s) must:

  • - Be the parents, first- or second-degree relatives or close friends of the candidate;
  • - Have held a Category B licence for more than 6 years.
  • - Not have been convicted of traffic offences or stripped of the right to drive in the last 3 years;

With the exception of relatives up to the second degree (parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters),
no-one may be an accompanying driver for more than one candidate at the same time;

The accompanied driving starts, when:

  • - You passed the theory test;
  • - You took at least 12 one-hour practical lessons at a driving school;
  • - The accompanying driver attended at least 2 practical lessons taught
    by the driving instructor with the candidate;
  • - The learner's certificate has been validated for accompanied driving by the driving instructor.

Practical test:

  • After the accompanied driving, you will have to take 4 driving lessons again
    accompanied by the driving instructor before you take the practical test.

If you fail the practical test, you must take at least 5 one-hour practical lessons
accompanied by the driving instructor before you restart the accompanied driving
and the next test could only be taken after you take 3 driving lessons more after the accompanied driving.