License Category A


The driving licence category A entitles you to drive following vehicles:

  • - Motorcycle;
  • - Light motorcycle;
  • - Moped;
  • - Quadricycle;
  • - Tricycle.

Extension from A2 to A

You must have held a category A2 licence for at least 2 years and
you must have completed the mandatory training at the Driver Safety Training Centre in Colmar-Berg.
A practical training course of at least 4 hours provided by a driving school is required,
but without theoretical or practical test!

Documents required for the application for a driving licence of the category A:

  • - A medical certificate (less than 3 months old);
  • - A recent passport photograph (taken from the front) in 45 × 35 mm format;
  • - A copy of your valid ID card/passport;
  • - A copy of your driving license;
  • - A criminal record from the country you are coming from
    (only necessary if you live in Luxemburg since less than 5 years
    and if you were major that moment).