The driving school du Centre is unfortunately not able
to accept candidates for the VIP package for the moment.

VIP Service

The accelerated driver’s licence

Included services:

  • - The possibility of taking several theoretical courses per week
    in order to take the theoretical test very quickly;
  • - A private theory lesson to review
    and prepare you for the theoretical test;
  • - We take your appointment for the theoretical test;
  • - We'll get you to the theoretical test;

As well as:

  • - An intensive practical training, that allows you
    to get the driving licence as quickly as possible;
  • - We’ll pick you up on and drop you off again
    at home or at your office during each practical lesson;
  • - You will also benefit from an advantageous schedule for practical lessons;
  • - Your first practical lesson will take place within
    7 days after passing the theoretical test.
    It's a promise!

See you at the driving school du Centre
for more information and registration.

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